I recently asked what are some of your struggles with your fitness and health journey, on my instagram.  I am going to be covering those topics within the next week!

I am going to start with “How do I keep motivated?” I got this question a couple times, along with feeling to tired to work out.


Okay so there are things that can keep you motivated,  you just have to find those things that keep YOU motivated.  I am constantly having to keep things interesting, or else I do get bored.

I will share some ideas for you, that keep me motivated to give you ideas.

  1. Cute work out clothes.. I know but this really does work.  That or some cute nikes. LOVE THESE, and my favorite pants EVER are THESE.
  2. Bikini Season is around the corner.  So that is a huge motivator for me.
  3. I constantly remind myself how good I feel after a good sweat session!  
  4. I have more energy and I am in a much better mood throughout the day, if I start if off right!
  5. Stay eating healthy, and you will want to get moving everyday!  My Meal Plan will help give you tons of healthy recipes!  
  6.  The harder you work, the more results you’re going to end up seeing so I always keep that in my mind!
  7.  Guys I LOVE my LOVE HIIT BG because I NEVER hit a plateau.  It is constantly keeping me on my toes haha.  I continue to see improvement every month that I do it!  I have been doing it for a year now!  Read about it by clicking that link.
  8.  Hold yourself accountable with your goals by sharing them with say, your husband or a family member or friend.   Check in with them weekly and tell them you want their help!
  9.  Do it for someone!  For example, I want to look good for my husband and I always want to keep him on his toes haha.   Lets be honest, men are visual.  I want him to stay attracted to me always and want to be sexy for him.  Not that he is just attracted to the only fit Sara haha, but I like to keep things spicy.
  10.  Lastly, take progress photos!  Get in a the same swim suite every week, or bra and underwear, in good lighting and take a photo of your progress.  This totally is such a motivator!  You will be amazed at the difference you see by doing this!   Sometimes we become blinded by our progress because we look at ourselves everyday, so try this out!

What are some things you guys do to stay motivated?  

Have a great day!











Topshop Top / Blank NYC Jeans / Marc Fisher Pumps

Kate Spade Bag, & Cute here / Celine Sunglasses

I don’t wear pumps a lot, but when I do they have to be comfortable.  These beauties come in so many different colors and are so cozy!  The thick heel is what makes a pump comfortable.  So look for that if you’re looking for comfort!

So switching lanes here, have you guys checked out my new LOVE HIIT FITNESS WEBSITE?!   So if you go to my menu bar, and go to “SHOP”  you will find my fitness site, that has all my guides listed for you to check out.  All the information is listed on each guide, and I am also sharing a page from each of them that you can check out, so you kinda get to see what the work outs are like.

I post A LOT about my work outs on instagram, and snapchat.  So make sure you follow those pages!

I am going to be transitioning all fitness and health related posts to my new instagram called @lovehiitbody.

 Have a great day!