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These pants are seriously like walking around in your pjs all day.  I love a good lose wide leg pant.  Windsor always has the best deals too!

This Lace top comes with a built in bra, so you have some support! I always need breathable light clothing during these long Summer days!

So switching lanes here… we’re heading out on Lake Powell right now with all of our friends.  There are 14 of us.  No wifi so I will be a little MIA.  I will try to connect with you & update you on the trip as much as possible!

So as you know from my snap & stories, I have been here since Friday with my mom, sister, her fiance & Oaks.  It has been so much fun!  I just had to drop Oaks off  & watch him drive away with my mom.  It was the saddest.  I then locked myself in my bathroom to cry it out haha.  I have been a little down ever since.  It doesn’t help that his little cuteness was running all over the houseboat.  So I just feel like those little memories of him are lingering around as I am there without him now.

Anyways, It has been hard, & leaving him doesn’t get any easier!  But with that said, it is so good for us to be apart & have a break from each other.  I want him to bond with his other family too.  It’s also good for TJ & I to have some alone time together.  You don’t realize that you need it, until you’re actually away from them, & enjoying time away.

& you know what is EVEN BETTER.  Reuniting after 5 days apart! It makes it that much better & helps me feel more at ease,  relaxed & ready to take on motherhood again with my busy toddler!

So mommas!  Go have fun with just you & your husband.  Even if its take just a little night away.  Trust me!  You need it!

K guys going to head out on the Lake & start drinking with all my friends & husband!  Wish me luck.  Hope I can hang haha 🙂

Have a great week!













I brought my little dude with me to this shoot and boy, it was rough haha.  All he wanted to do was run in the roads.  It was just a couple outfits, so I figured it would be just fine BUUUT nope. 

And that photo is as good as it gets taking photos with him these days! Haha, all he wants to do is RUN RUN RUN.

How was everyones Valentines? My Valentine was sick so we didn’t do anything related to Valentines.  There was no chocolate, no flowers and no cards ha.  We really aren’t big into Valentines, and TJ doesn’t give me flowers, but he does give me chocolate.. which I like better haha.  

Some may find that weird haha but you have to know him.  He shows his love to me by taking care of Oaks and letting me do what I want, coming home every night and helping me put him to bed.  Play with him while I make dinner, and make me dinner!  he is a gem, and I don’t need flowers to know how much he loves me.

Everyone shows their love in different ways.  Point is, don’t be sad if you didn’t get a gift from from your husband.  It is what they do everyday and how they treat you, that should matter 🙂

Anyways we will celebrate this weekend and go to a nice dinner (like we always do!) haha.

I did, however have a fun day with my little dude.   He is 16 months old, and I can’t believe how much he has changed!  He is getting taller and thinning out.  I don’t want his rolls to go away!  I don’t think I am ready for that haha.  

He is just starting to say “ma ma ma” like he knows that I am his mama.  He has always said it, but I don’t think he knew that was me.  Anyways, it melts my heart.

He runs to me every time I walk in the door, or I put my arms out!  He literally smacks me and head butts me out of love haha.  

He loves to organize his toys, and loves his blanky and kitty.  He loves anything soft and makes  a squeals sound when he sees either of those two.

He is starting to throw tantrums too, so here we go!  If he doesn’t get what he wants, he freaks out haha.  But he is easy to talk out of being cranky.

Anyways, happy 16 months to my baby boy!  

Have a great day, and thank you so much for commenting and taking the time to read my posts!


Sara Lynn