You don’t have to dress boring and frumpy when you’re pregnant.  A lot of the time we’re to tired to get dolled up and thats honestly OKAY.  Totally fine.  You should live in your sweats if you’re feeling crummy, but ya know what?  The days you feel good, doll yourself up!  I swear it’ll help you feel better.  These are a few outfits I’ve been wearing on nights out, day dates, or date nights.  Depending on how I feel.  

Obviously, you can tell that all I wear is dresses.  It flatters the belly and you have room to move and not feel claustrophobic.

I want to mention that I sized up on all my dresses!  I order a medium now, instead of small, but I’ll probably start getting large here pretty soon for this growing belly.

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This sweater is actually a dress, but I’m wearing as a sweater as they belly grows!   The jeans are 100% unbuttoned right now, but I’m to the point now where I don’t even bother with jeans anymore. 

And booties.  Guys, they’re amazing!  I love them!

Have a good day!








15 weeks as of Wednesday this week!  My little food baby bump.  I didn’t even show with Oaks until about 20 weeks, but I’ve heard you show a lot quicker with your second.  I can’t wait to have a bigger belly!  Each week that passes I feel more blessed and grateful for this healthy little bean in my belly.  As hard as its been, because it’s been harder than Oaks, what helps me get through the hard days is perspective & gratitude.  When you have those two things, you can get through anything and feel happy!

So I want to dive into your questions about how this pregnancy has been going so far.  I did questions on my IG stories and have a ton of things to cover, so lets get to it.  I’m going to start with the easier ones to answer.

  1. DID I PLAN THIS BABY?  HOW LONG IT TOOK TO GET PREGNANT, OR IF I TOOK BIRTH CONTROL BEFORE?  Honestly this baby was partially a surprise.  We wanted to start trying in September this year.  We stopped being careful in July because I thought it’d take me longer than 1 month to get pregnant, I thought it’d at least be 4ish months.  It took me 3-4 months with Oaks, but I luckily SO LUCKY got pregnant in one shot.  I literally know that time haha (TMI?)  SO this baby is obviously meant to come when she’s supposed to come and we’re so beyond thrilled about it.  I haven’t been on birth control since a year before Oaks, so 5 years ago?   I had the mirana IUD a year prior to getting pregnant with Oaks.  I never took anything after I had him.  The method we do is SO TMI here to say, but I’m sure you get it.  We def don’t use condemns.  I honestly hate everything about bc.  I’ve tried it all and really go psychotic on it. Also, the IUD gave me terrible migraines and bad headaches on the days I didn’t have migraines, so that was fun.    So what we do works for us and always has.
  2.  DID I PLAN THE GAP BETWEEN OAKS & THE NEW BABY?  Yes.  I knew I wanted a second child at LEAST 4 years apart.  I wanted time with just Oaks for a while and don’t regret doing it the way we did.  I originally wanted them 3 years apart, but couldn’t pull the plug when he turned 2, I just didn’t feel like it was time yet. They’ll be 3-1/2 years apart and super happy with how it planned out!
  3. HOW DID YOU TELL YOUR HUSBAND?  Well, I literally had this intuition the entire month that I felt like I was pregnant.  He totally thought I was crazy and there was no way It could happen so fast, so I was 5 days past my period, got a test and we took it together.  So I didn’t tell him in any special way.  He was there when we saw the test positive!
  4. DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR PREGNANCY?  I would say, eat well, exercise and take your prenatal.  That simple.   If you’re in a good exercise and eating routine, then it will be that much easier to lose the baby weight after your pregnancy.  Especially if you exercise throughout your pregnancy, obviously things are going to change A LOT with the routine, but keeping a goal to get some movement in will make your pregnancy and labor a little easier.  In MY experience.
  5. (MOST ASKED QUESTION)  DO YOU EAT WHAT YOU CRAVE, EVEN WHEN ITS UNHEALTHY?  OH GUUURRRL.  YES. YES… YES.  Especially in the first trimester when all you can eat is ramen, toast and carbs.  Weeks 6-10 all I ate was straight up carbs.  I would eat over easy eggs, but that was all the protein I felt I got. Also, no veggies were in my diet.  You have to eat what sounds good and can keep down.   So don’t feel bad.  You have to do what you have to do.  I eat a lot better now.  But I still get what I crave which is all fresh things, like salads and sandwiches.  And the salads aren’t their healthiest… I’ll dip things in ranch haha.  I’ve been drinking my ginger berry smoothie in the morning and Liv Owyn Protein shakes. My recipe for the Ginger Berry smoothie is in my Morning Sickness Post So much better lately, but I had ramen with eggs last night because I still get way sick at night.  Do what you can, and don’t feel bad about it.  When you feel good, sneak in your veggies and protein.  
  6. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH LABOR BEING A FTM?  Don’t worry about labor.  It’s the best day of your life!  But that being said, I got all the drugs, so not like I did mine natural.  So if you’re doing it natural, I’m the wrong person to ask.   I got the epidural, so labor was a damn breeze.  I was in labor for 10 hours and I pushed him out in 20 minutes.  I had an easy labor, so lets hope this one goes the same.  After I had him was harder for me with all the hormones going crazy.  I had postpartum blues pretty bad.   I share my journey in this MY LIFE AS A NEW MOM POST.
  7. TIPS TO WORK OUT BEING PREGNANT & EXHAUSTED?  WORK OUT ROUTINE DURING PREGNANCY?  Well, I worked out about 3x a week up until 2 weeks ago.  I just sort of listened to my body and let it rest.  I started to feel like It was making me even sicker and if I was pregnant with Oaks (my first) I would’ve ignored those signs and pushed through because god forbid I don’t keep up my routine!  I have control issues with my routine and getting things done, BUT with that being said I’ve learned from that and this pregnancy I’ve been giving myself grace and listening to my body.  It can wait.  I’m growing a baby, a freaking human.  It’s not an easy job.  This little girl needs more of my energy than Oaks did!   I did however feel like I could do a light work out in my living room this morning, so I filmed that for you guys, and will be posted @lovebylynnfitness page.  They say you can continue to do what you did before pregnancy, but modified.  My doctor also told me to keep my heart rate below 150 and not any higher than 150. I feel like I’m about to puke at 140, so I definitely don’t.  My work outs are modified for sure, but it does feel good getting movement in.  I will be sharing my work outs on that page, when I feel up to it.  Like I said, I’m letting myself rest when I need to during this time.  I’m sure by the time I get to 20 weeks I’ll be ready to work out and film  a lot!  SO listen to your body and talk to your doctor about it.  Do what you can BUT DO NOT push harder than you were before pregnancy. 
  8. ARE YOU TRACKING MACROS DURING PREGNANCY?  No.  I feel like tracking macros is a little silly when you’re pregnant (thats just me and no offense to anyone that does).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about counting your macros and learning about them, but theres a time and a place for that.  Not when you’re trying to grow a child.  Eat well, eat enough , and eat an abundance of healthy foods!   Your body is now your child’s as well.  I feel you need to nourish it the right way.  Not cut back at all, but give your body the right nourishment it needs.  Sure keeping track is fine, but don’t cut back in any way.  If you need more , eat more!  Don’t tell yourself you can’t have something because you’ve already hit your goal for the day, especially if its very healthy!!  
  9. WHAT PRENATAL DO YOU TAKE & TUMMY BUTTER?   So I’ve been taking the HONEST PRENATALS  & THEIR DHA ONE TOO.  With tummy butter, I mentioned this in my IG stories the other day.  I LOVE MAMA MIO TUMMER BUTTER.  I used this with Oaks all throughout my pregnancy and only got some baby stretch marks on one of my boobs.  I don’t think that this is magic cream.  I do think genetics play a huge role in stretch marks, but there is nothing wrong with taking preventative measures and taking care of your rapidly stretching skin!   I use it all over my tummy, boobs, love handles & thighs every night before bed. 
  10. PREGNANCY BREAKOUTS? WHAT DO YOU DO?  I’ve been breaking out around my chin and all over my chest unfortunately.   I’ve been doing my regular SKINCARE ROUTINE, but took out the alpha beta peel pads, and retinol.  You should avoid glycolic acid, retinol & salicylic acid when pregnant and breast feeding.  I go into my esthetician at Spa Trouve in Utah and get a Vitabrite peel.  It has mandelic acid in it which is specifically for hormonal breakouts and redness.  The great part about it is you can get it when pregnant. Totally helps.  I have her do extractions too so I don’t give myself scars.  I go in and do that every month and then she recommended I get the Mandelic Acid Serum for home, as well as the Mandelic Toner.  I use the serum, after I cleanse at night and the toner, after I cleanse in the morning.   Obviously it gets expensive to visit a spa every month, so get the serum and maybe try visiting every 3 months. I’ve only used the serum once so I can’t give my honest opinion on it quite yet, but I’ll keep you guys updated.   Other than that, keep up on your routine, wash your face, don’t go to bed with make up on, use ROSE HIP OIL, and drink a lot of water,  and also stay away from dairy if you can.
  11. POSTPARTUM BODY.  SO MANY WOMEN ON IG LOOK PERFECT DAYS AFTER DELIVERY. WHAT IS THE REALITY?  Well, we have to remember that everyone is different.  We all have different genes.  Some women are ALL belly when they’re pregnant, and some woman gain weight on every single body part like myself.  I can see it in my thighs, face, legs, arms and obviously the belly.  But thats me, thats my journey. You gain what you’re supposed to for your baby.   Now, if we’re talking about woman looking that way in a picture, you also have to remember some woman post the best angle and lighting and they don’t share how much they gained and don’t share the bad parts.  Not saying that is wrong, but you can’t know the whole story by looking at one picture.  Some woman bounce back so fast because they’re just naturally super thin and some woman don’t.  Both are OKAY.   Keep in mind that your journey is different from everyone else.  This is your body.   Don’t, please don’t compare yourself.  Thats such a trap.  Give yourself grace and love.  Feed your body with good nutrients and exercise in a healthy way with a good balance.  The weight will come off in time, in your time, on your clock.  Not someone else’s.  We all have struggles.  Remember that everyone on this earth is the same.  We all live life, happy, sad, angry, go through hardships, and go through good times.   BUT PLEASE, please, please don’t compare yourself to anyone.  It’s the thieve of joy!!  You all are amazing woman and kick ass.  Don’t do that! 

So I think I’ve covered just about everything that was asked the very most and picked random ones that were only asked once.  

I’ll talk a little bit more about my pregnancy thus far. 

Weeks 6-10, had to eat crackers right as I woke up, puked sometimes when I brushed my teeth, felt nauseated all day, dizzy and stomach pains, like flu symptoms, SO tired and winded.  Had to eat something every 30 minutes (still the same I feel)  some days were manageable and I never felt like I had days where I couldn’t leave my bed, but I’ve had days where I didn’t leave my house and can’t cook anything because smells drove me insane.   

Weeks 10-15.  Some days I feel like It’s gone, but then comes back.  I can eat a little healthier now and not just straight up carbs, but I do eat only what sounds good, and if thats a cheese burger then so be it. Like I said, giving myself grace and enjoying it.  (this post should be called grace haha)  but mostly I get sick at night, around 4-6pm until I go to bed.  My stomach starts to hurt and I can hardly eat anything.  Tj is so awesome and been helping me out a lot.  Putting Oaks to bed and cleaning the kitchen.  Freaking bless those husbands for taking care of us during this time after a LONG day of work.  

We’re so thrilled for our baby girl and I just cannot WAIT to continue to share this journey with all of you, especially since most of you’re pregnant too! It’s so exciting!

Thanks for all your messages and DMS.  Literally love chatting with all of you.  We’re in this together!


Let me know if you guys have any questions about this post!  Hope you have a great weekend!