Liv is now 4 months old, and I’m not out of my placenta pills, so I wanted to give you a quick update on it and let you know everything about it!

I explained WHY I ENCAPSULATED MY PLACENTA before I had Liv in that post, so if you want to read why, plus all the benefits, then read that first post before this one. 

I encapsulated my placenta with Living Birth Mom, HIGHLY recommend her.  She was great, plus you can add in blends to your specific needs.  She ships worldwide too. 

So when I had her usually about 3 days in is when I start to feel it.  By feeling it I mean, the fog, feeling depressed, homesick, sadness etc.  By the time I got home from the hospital, I felt a little down, anxious.  I didn’t have my pills thus far.  My husband TJ, was going to pick them up later that afternoon.  I could feel it coming on, it also didn’t help that I couldn’t take Oaks to school and he was acting out that day.  He wanted me to play and I just couldn’t move.  He could sense something was up.  So I cried that day for sure.

I got the placenta pills that night and she recommends you start taking 3 a day, to remember, take one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner, but if then you still feel like you need more, to self medicate yourself.  So 3 days into take 3 a day I was much better.  I still had those feelings of feeling homesick and foggy.  I did have a moment at night (which always gets the worst for me) my anxiety heightens at night.  I felt really down and sad.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone, just wanted to hide in a room.  That honestly was the worst of it all!

So I took it upon myself to self medicate, just like she had told me to do.  I doubled up my dose.  2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 at night.

I felt AMAZING for just having a baby.  I couldn’t believe how good I felt after just having a baby.  I kept thinking wow, can I start working out?  Everything felt good, I healed up so much quicker.  I felt like I could go on a run at 1 week pp.  I’ve had no hair loss, no downs, no feelings of feeling homesick.

I’ve converted so many friends to this and heard so many good things from other woman who have done it!  IT WORKS.  It’s not the placebo affect.   Here are some of things I noticed of how I felt.

  • Increase milk secretion and supply
  • Enhance and elevate mood
  • Overall quickened postpartum healing 
  • Decrease baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Increase normal sleep patterns
  • Increase in energy
  • Quickened uterine shrinkage
  • Decreased anxiety and worry
  • Feeling “normal” after delivery
  • Stronger connections and bonding between mom & baby and Mom & other family members
  • Less postpartum bleeding and length of bleeding time 
  • Overall emotional/psychological sense of peace and well being

I enjoyed Liv so much during this time.  Not that I didn’t enjoy Oaks, but I was kind of a mess.  Also, worrying about everything too. 

My uterus shrunk down SO fast, I noticed I was producing SO much milk, my body felt healed so fast.  I never felt the newborn exhaustion phase, although she has been the best sleeper, so I don’t think that one counts. 

I bled for a week and that was it.  I didn’t hurt, I could go on walks, granted she was 2 full pounds smaller than Oaks, but I remember being incredibly sore after having Oaks.  I could barely walk 2 weeks postpartum.  I believe the weight and the placenta had a lot to do with it.

I’ve never believed in something SO much.  I could have 3 more babies doing this.  I don’t worry about the actual giving birth part, its the after I worry about.  The postpartum blues. 

I wrote up a blog post about “HOW TO DEAL WITH EMOTIONS AFTER BABY  I set up a system for when I had her that also helped my recovery.  Bottom line though, if I didn’t encapsulate my placenta, there would’ve been a lot… A LOT of crying and feeling homesick.  The way I set up everything totally helped!  I hope this information helps you guys! 

I did the placenta then I added in “baby blues boost” and the tincture, which I haven’t taken yet. I still have it!  

Let me know if you have any questions about it!  Happy to chat about anything. 












I wanted to share a little background story of this before and after photo.  

I was 41 weeks pregnant in the first photo.  Well, 40 weeks and 5 days to be exact!  

The right picture is me 13 months PP.  

I have made it a habit to work out and eat right.  The thing with me is I don’t restrict myself from life.  I don’t hold back from going out because I don’t want to be faced with temptation.

I live my life making the best choices I can.  What I have done is really tried to stick to a macro diet during the week, and the weekends I do the same, but I snack a little more with a cheat meal.

I don’t believe in quick fixes, where you eat a piece of lettuce a day…. ha.  No, but I don’t really think those work and aren’t long term.  Eating under 100 carbs a day is outrageous.  (not saying it doesn’t work, It just isn’t my thing, and not bashing people who do it)

Complex carbs are a source of energy!  Without those, we are depleted, exhausted and sometimes depressed.  That is whole other topic I want to discuss in a different post, but we need complex carbs to have brain power and energy.

Anyways, How I lost my baby weight is simple.  The good old fashion way of living life, making healthy choices, working out hard in the gym when I can, or at home while Oaks naps.

Eating the right foods, avoiding junk that we call “food” these days.  

I believe in doing something that you will do forever.  I ate carbs all the time, I eat carbs all the time.   It is what you are getting them from that is important. 

The complex carbs I eat are, whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, lentils, vegetables, blueberries, pineapple.. those are the common ones I eat all the time.

Trust me, you don’t have to starve yourself to look good.  You DONT.  I eat and I love food and I lost all my weight in 5 months.   It took me a good 8-9 months to tone back up.  

But I have done it all the healthy way!  Nothing worth it happens overnight.  You have to put in the time, the effort, the WORK.  

Don’t complain about your weight and image, if you are sitting on the couch eating ice cream, and chips and pizza every day, and never ever lifting a pound.

It is hard work, and it takes sacrifice!  BUT it is so beyond worth it.  I have energy to play with Oaks all the time, I feel alive and healthy.  

Becoming the best you can be, is good for everything in your life.  Your relationships, your marriage, your work life, home life, and so good for your kids to watch as they grow.   

Since most of you wanted to know what I was eating as I was losing the baby weight, I kept a food diary and wrote down everything I ate in those 7 days, and made it into a book for you.  Easy to follow, theres a grocery list, all recipes, all macros to all the recipes.  

You can get my AB CHALLENGE and 7 DAY MEAL PLAN for $20 right now.  I live by these plans!  (linked on my sidebar) 

My advice to all of you, is to not get overwhelmed by it.  Have a clear mind and know what it is that your goal is, and just chip away, little by little every single day.  


I am working on something SO VERY exciting, coming next month!  I can’t wait to share with you!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything!  Leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap!