In the business I am in, it’s constant screen time.  I’m either on my phone or a computer.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed a difference in myself & how it’s affected everything.  As I’ve become busier, as Oaks becomes busier and is constantly learning and growing.  I feel that I’ve got two HUGE responsibilities.  For 1 making sure that I can be a good example to Oaks, and to help him learn and grow the best I can.  And 2 –help support my family, by following my dreams and what I LOVE, which is sharing all my tips for you guys, and helping you all live happy and healthy lives.   

So back to my reasoning on what I’ve noticed.  I’ve noticed a difference in my behavior.  Getting angry a lot,  feeling very overwhelmed and anxious… so I decided to put a stop to whatever is making me feel like this.  AND THAT IS MY PHONE.  I am in constant GO MODE.  I love what I do so much and LOVE talking with all of you so much.  I just get anxious because I want to respond to everyone, all while creating great content, but then I have a toddler that needs me 24/7.    I can’t have him trying to get my attention while I’m constantly on my phone.  Can you imagine if you couldn’t talk & you’re trying to get some food or a drink, but they aren’t listening because they’re distracted by their phone?  Annoying right.  

So what I’ve been doing is time blocking my day where I get my work done, answer any questions you have and talk with you for a certain amount of time.  Then I will time block my time with Oaks, which is morning before his nap & after his nap.  This is time I put my phone in the other room and leave it there.   THEN on Sundays I turn my phone completely off from 3pm- ON.  Don’t turn it back on until Monday morning.   This has helped me so much and helped me learn to live in the moment all while getting my work done when I time block.  It’s a WIN WIN.  It’s so affective and I get more done in the gap I time block, rather than trying to get it done in spurts all day feeling stressed out with a toddler at my feet.  

I was so inspired by this article on “The Powerful influence of Secondhand screen time on a Childs Brain”   This was huge eye opener for me, and realized I needed to change something.  I want what’s best for Oaks, and feel so bad for the times I am “to busy” to play.   Mom guilt was in FULL force when I read this article.  I just wanted to share it with you guys too, because I know I needed to hear it.  We live in a world of constant distraction and constant stimulation!  It’s nice to actual set it down and live in the moment, rather than thinking about how this person said this, what you need to get done, where you need to be at this time, how you need to respond to that text/email.. the list goes on.  It’s stressful!  

Our babies & kids need us!  Lets give them our full attention when the time is needed.  They grow up so quickly.   We don’t want to let their lives pass by and wonder where we were during those important stages of life.  They matter, and the quality time we spend with them matters.  It’s so important for their growth and their future adulthood.    

That phone call, text, email, DM, snapchat whatever it may be… can wait. 🙂

Hope you loved this!  I am going to be doing “Motherhood Monday”  and talk about motherhood every Monday, so send me your suggestions if you have any my way!  Would love to know what you want to hear about.

Have a great week!


Sara Lynn


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I am highly obsessed with these nikes, and alo pants!  I wear them on the daily, not just work out in!  The nikes come in many different colors, and I am really surprised I haven’t bought another pair of them.

So CARDIO.  I wanted to talk more with you about that.  I get a lot of questions about if I do extra cardio ON TOP of the LOVE HIIT BODY GUIDE.  And I absolutely do!  Especially if I am wanting to really lean out (hence kini season soon!!) haha but no I really do it because it makes me feel SO good.  

If I don’t have the time, I won’t but I will do 15-20 extra minutes of intervals either running or on the stair master, which I am a HUGE Fan of the stair master.  I am really trying to get my flat ass to grow, so that needs to happen haha.  

Anyways, you don’t have to run on the treadmill for a year… in fact if you’re looking to really get shape in your body, doing weights is going to be the absolute best.  Which is why I made the HIIT guide because you’re combining both, plus building your heart rate up and back down constantly, so you’re burning more calories and building muscle.  You will never hit a plateau, and you can repeat the entire LOVE HIIT BG program over and over again, which is what I do!

I do the extra cardio honestly because I LOVE IT.  I like to sweat my balls off haha.  I love the way it makes me feel.  I am not trying to lose weight or any of that.  It makes  me feel so good and it actually makes it so I am more inspired and creative.  You gotta find what is going to help get those creative juices flowing and intervals and my HIIT guide do just that for me..  give it a try!  

And honestly I can eat more if I do haha and that is a HUGE bonus in itself.

If you’re looking to tone up and lose weight, my body guide alone will totally help you.  you don’t need to add on anything else, unless you really want to!  I explain more of  “extra mile cardio” in my book!

Have a great day!  Going to go play with Oaks now 🙂