Do you go out, or stay in for Valentines Day? It’s honestly been mixed for us.  The past few Valentines we’ve just put Oaks to bed and made dinner for us to eat together alone, with a little candle lite and a little wine, some chocolate and some sex.  But since when is that different from regular date nights ha.  I try to live likes its LOVE day every day of the week to keep things alive in our marriage.  It’s not just about your lover though.  It’s about love for everyone.  Anyways, I wanted to share these HOT red jumpsuit looks with you to get you a little V DAY INSPO.  This red jumpsuit screams hot night out.  The red, the lace.. so hot.  Even if you’re prego, you can still be super hot mamas.  I just got a large in this jumpsuit and it fits perfectly.






Have a good day!

















Love hurts doesn’t it?  No, but really it does!  Not just the love you feel for your husband, but the love for your kids.

It is almost worse with your babies..  At least thats how it is for me.  You’re worried about their every move.  

But with that said, it’s the greatest love of all.  Thats why it hurts so much!  

Guys, mom life is hard.  It truly is so challenging and if it looks like I have it all together, trust me.  I do not.   In fact, some days I just want to scream haha. 

Becoming a mom is the biggest life changer and it still feels that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way depressed like I was when I first had him with the postpartum and all.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have your days where your patience is gone out the window.

It just comes along with being a mom.  I feel like every stage of their life is a new beginning of motherhood.

New moms, out there reading this right now.  Don’t feel guilty if you feel this way.  Don’t feel guilty if you want to have alone time for a day, just to do nothing.  Don’t feel guilty if you need to do NOTHING, but sit and relax during nap time.  (I have a problem with this one!) 

I have a hard time relaxing because I know the list of things that need to get done, and nap time is when they get done!  But don’t feel guilty if you don’t get them done and you truly need a break and you time.   I am telling this to myself too, as I type haha.

You aren’t selfish for wanting to go be by yourself and do something alone.  You aren’t!  You’ve got to have that time to revamp, and come back to being the biggest badass mom you can be!

So when you feel like you’re about to have a breakdown and you feel like you want to scream and yell at your babies… you NEED a break.   Take an hour to yourself and do something that makes you happy.  

That is what I have noticed that helps me SO much.  I come back refreshed and happy and ready to be a patient and loving mama haha.  The mom I know I can be!

Becoming a mom has been the most amazing experience.  I love living it everyday and watching him grow and learn.    

Take a deep breath everyday and just know there is so many other mamas out there, that feel the way you do right now!

What do you moms do to refresh and renew??  Would love to know!!

Side note.  making Valentines cookies was SO much fun, especially in our matching sweatshirts!  He is the light of our lives and is such a joy to have around!  I couldn’t ask for a more loving happy boy!  

Happy Valentines!  I love you all so much!  Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and comment.  It means a lot to me!  I love getting to know each one of you every day!


Sara Lynn