OMG- can’t believe we’re closing out another year already.  Life is going by way to fast these days. I love the new year.. It’s just an chance for a clean slate, which is great!  Saying what your goals are is easy, but actually DOING it, is the hard part.  So make a plan.  Write down what you’re going to do every day, to get to that goal.  Baby steps every single day.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  Just chip away little by little and by the end of the year, you’ll look back and be amazed at what you’ve done.  Turns into a HUGE leap, when you take tiny steps, they BUILD UP.

So,  2017 was probably my most self improved year yet. Meaning, I’ve gone through a lot of shit, hard work, tears, depression, sadness, happiness and a lot of “What the Fuck am I doing moments” (with my brand mostly)  In marriage, motherhood, friendships, my work, health, mind, body, and spirituality.   This year, I really dug deep to find out who I was, where I wanted to go, and what I was even doing with the Love By Lynn brand.  At times, I felt like I should just throw in the towel, but I didn’t.  Kept going when things got tough.  I reminded myself why I started and took a lot of time to myself to focus on what I wanted to share and what my mission was.  I started it as fashion in 2012, it’s become much more than that now as I’ve grown and had a family.   I want to share all aspects of my life with you and open conversations of this crazy life together, from the daily struggles all the way to what to feed your toddler, and where to buy the best sunscreen.   I really wanted to share content that was valuable, not just what I was wearing.  Not saying that is a bad thing at all! I love clothes and sharing where to get the best things.  

This year, I really took the time and listened to all of you and what you wanted to see from this brand.  I really got to know a lot of you, and I thank good ol’ IG DM for that.  I love DM’ing, it’s like I’m personally texting all of you all day.  I spend 2 hours every single day talking with you. I time block my day so I can chat with you.  I felt that we’ve all become closer this year!  I’ve never felt so excited to do what I’m doing now, and my vision is so clear (some days haha) and I know exactly why I’m doing this.  There have been times where I would hold back sharing who I really was, like swearing for instance, all my friends know I swear.  I was SO scared to swear in front of you and just scared of what people thought about me, but now I could care less.  Meaning, I don’t care what people think about me.  If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to follow me. And ya know what?  A lot of you have been personally DM-ing and laughing about it.  Being who I truly am this year , has opened the door to a lot of things and opened a lot of new found IG friendships.  SO BE YOU, don’t be afraid to be real. Be authentic to yourself.  I think it comes with age, but I could be wrong.  Anyways,  I thank “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” for empowering and fueling me to be who I am, and not care.  And also, not care about dumb things that are out of our control.  Highly recommend that book.

I wanted you to walk away from my blog and IG, with a good feeling. Not envious or jealous.  I know how that feels.  I’m not here to “show off” my life.  I’m here to help you and know that we’re all in this together, and not one of us is perfect.  These are pictures, think of them as an art gallery.  I try to share what goes on behind the scenes a lot and I think that separates me from a lot.    These tips and tricks, real life shit I share is to give you value to your life.  You don’t have to apply them.  I’m not telling anyone how to live.  Just simply sharing what works for me and what doesn’t.  With that said, I’ve been working on something so excited for Love By Lynn Fitness, I can HARDLY STAND IT!  It’s going to be amazing. I’m so nervous to share, but it’ll be so good!

Anyways, with all that said, I can’t tell you guys enough how much it means that I have your support!  Thank you for reading my blog, and following along.  You are the reason I keep going at this blog world!  

Now onto 2018.  This year my goals are a lot different.  They’re very simple when it comes to my personal life and mind.  

FINDING POSITIVE IN ALL THINGS- I’ve been all about clearing the negative and finding positive in all things.  Cutting out friends who don’t make me feel good inside.   Feeding your mind full of positive thoughts and positive people will change your life.  Stay away from those who want to tear you down.  You will know who they’re.

LIVE IN THE NOW- one things I’ve had a hard time with, is living in the moment.  I think we can all agree that these days it’s hard to do with so many distractions aka our phones.  I’ve talked about this before, but heres the thing.  When you have a kid, you notice how much time you spend looking down at your phone and living in your phone.   What made me realize this, is Oaks will smack the phone out of my hands to get me to play with him and BE IN THE MOMENT with him.  He’s growing so fast, and I don’t want to miss another second.  So what my goal is to time block having my phone.  I set my phone in the other room and go play with him, then when he naps I’ll do work on my phone, but when he’s awake, I’ll set it away from me most times.  This goes for when I’m with my friends and family and of course, my beloved hubs.  There is nothing more annoying when you’re trying to talk to someone and they’re on their phone.  Am I right?  

TIME BLOCKING- going to be better with  my time.  This is something I’ve improved on this year, but I’m going to get even more into it this year.  You wouldn’t believe how much time we waist if you actually pay attention.  Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through social media and an hour will pass, and I think to myself “what the hell did I even accomplish?!”  I’d rather read a good book.  So scheduling my time and time blocking.  So you literally set a timer and do that ONE thing for the hour you want to do it.  Nothing else.  I’ve done this and get so much done.. so give it a try!

Anyways, hope you loved this post and I really hope you guys have a great new year!  Go tell me your New years goals in my latest IG post. I’m going to be picking 3 of you to win my fitness plans! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wishing you all the best KICK ASS year yet!  And yes it is YOUR YEAR!

PS- this is what I’ll be doing for NYE, staying in with my boys and blowing these little noise makers that Oaks hates haha, eating chocolate, popcorn and anything else that isn’t so good for me haha.  Lets LIVE!







And just like that my little angle is TWO.  Although it may look like we had a blast at this shoot… we had to take EXTREME measures to get him to crack a smile.  Haha THANKING Myself I had the idea pf bringing confetti glitter because that SAVED everything.  He wasn’t down to shoot in this cold weather (don’t blame him) also wasn’t down with holding balloons (which is odd for him) wasn’t down to smile, wasn’t down to run around to warm up.  He loves the mountains, so the kid was definitely cold.  I felt bad but we didn’t get up at 5am (well me) for nothing!  We shot at 8am, so I was surprised it was so cold.


Once I pulled at the GLITTER.  It was INSTANT… I mean INSTANT happiness.  Keep scrolling and you’ll see the overjoyed little boy throwing his confetti glitter. ..












Can it get ANY Cuter though??  I am so excited it turned out just perfectly.  How could I not post a million of these gems.  They’re priceless. I really narrowed down the photos for this post.  He was so happy with this glitter!  It was so great.








So when all else fails toddler moms… BRING GLITTER.. Confetti glitter might I add.  Go to any party store (zurchers, partyland etc..) and they’ll have it.

So I wanted to share this poem that couldn’t be more perfect for him turning two.  I post this on my IG, but I need to permanently post it here, so he can read it someday. Grab a tissue… you WILL shed a tear, or 10 haha.  

“Once a tiny newborn, now my little man.

You’re growing up to fast for me

please slow down if you can.

Each day I wish would linger, but they’re gone in a flash.

Each night I hold you tightly praying for this to last.  

My heart fills with pride with each new step you take, but watching

time pass quickly also causes ache.

So, I make the most I can 

of this time when you are small, 

cherishing each and every day

for they’re the best days after all.

And I pray when you are older, 

that you look back fondly, too

on the days when you were little an know how much I love you.”

I got this from the book I read called Positive Parenting.  HIGHLY recommend this book.  It’s definitely made me more patient with Oaks, and I feel that when I get angry or frustrated, I’ll go in the other room to calm down for a second.  Baby days are fleeting.  Life goes by fast.  There is no time to waist any minute being upset.  Enjoy it all mamas!

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts!  Have a great day!