heres the thing.  It’s funny that as moms we think society (other moms) are judging us HARDCORE when there are “rules” to follow; such as weaning from the bottle at a certain age, weaning from the binki at a certain age, weaning from the boob at a certain age.  Or taking away a blankey or stuffed animal at a certain age.  Etc… etc… you get it.

Listen, what I’ve learned these last two years about motherhood is there ARE no rules.  There are no “certain ages” you have to wean or take things away.  Your rules are YOUR rules.  YOU know as a mom, when it’s the right time to do something.  You know as a mom when it’s the right time to wean, sleep train, eat this, don’t eat that etc..  

It’s funny, about a month ago I was SO afraid to let Oaks have the bottle when I was filming on my IG stories, because I was afraid of what people might think since he’s 22 months (today actually) but I’m like …ya know what? IM THE MOM. I decide whats right for him.  And if the bottle sucking is going to sooth him & be the babysitter while I take some breaths, then SO BE IT.  Listen, I know as much as the next mom, how shitty it’s going to be weaning.  But that doesn’t mean you have to do it when someone else says you do.   

Every child is different.  Oaks weaned himself from the boob.  Some kids just stop.  Some kids are probably a flipping nightmare weaning.  Sleep training was a nightmare for about 3 days and now its bliss forever.  Sometimes he’s got a few hiccups in the road, but he sleeps like a dream and has since he was 6 months old.  

I know there are moms, who think “wow, it’s time to wean… don’t you think?”  because I was totally so judgmental about stuff like that... BEFORE I HAD OAKS (Crazy right?) who am I to judge haha.  We all do it, but when stop doing that and let people live their lives, do what’s right for them, then we feel better.   It’s not up to someone else how you raise your child.  

Point is.  WE all think differently, we all parent differently.  Lets all be nice to each other.  After all, MOM KNOWS BEST 🙂

On another note, it’s great to get advice and listen to what other moms do,  in fact, I love hearing what other moms do! It doesn’t mean you have to follow what someone else does.   at the end of the day YOU DO YOU. You do what feels right to YOU, and not someone else’s rulebook of motherhood.  The whole point of this post is to help get out there is no one is perfect. There isn’t just 1 thing that works for all children & families.  



DSC_2868 DSC_2949

Anyways, switching lanes here.  Oaks is 22 months.  I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  he’s starting to feel less like a baby now and way more toddler.  I am having hard time accepting that.   He’s got the cutest personality, and loves to throw EVERYTHING.   He gets so much excitement from watching it fall, he holds his arms up funny like he’s twitching haha.  You know what I’m talking about if you watch my IG.    He loves all balls.  I am going to do a ball theme for his birthday!   He says “maaa”, “dirt”, “kiii”, “daaaa”, “shiii” (yep, like shit), “baaa” ,”hiii” and lots and lots of jibbers like he thinks he’s talking clear.  He loves watching movies lately.  The Good Dinosaur (always) Moana, and the new fav is Smurfs.  Loves puppy pals, and bubble guppies.  Loves bubbles and pushing things around.

 Loves water & throwing rocks in the water.  Loves reading and runs really really fast.  Throws like a pro, and makes the silliest faces ever.   He’s getting a little sassy, but so sweet.  Very well natured and been the best baby for us!  We love him SOOOO much.  Happy 22 months to my sweet boy!  

Have a great day! 




















as Oaks approaches 2 years old, I sit here in aw just remembering that day so vividly when he was born.  Remembering how I felt— almost as if I can feel it deep in my soul at this very moment.  I physically and emotionally remember that day as if it was yesterday.  Wow, how time passes… I get so emotional when I think to deeply about it, but it’s good to think deeply sometimes.  It’s all happy thoughts, but I have a hard time thinking he isn’t always going to be my little baby I can smooch all day.  That I can put him down to sleep and know where he is 24/7, that I can pick up and set on my hip, or sing songs to, bathe, play silly little games with… the list goes on.

BUT— he will always be my baby at heart.  I will always be his mom and he will always be my son, sometimes he may not love my hugs, but he most definitely needs them.  Just as much as I need his. 

Being a mom is hard.  I say that over and over again, but it’s true.  The thing is it doesn’t get easier either.  Yes, you have those easy days and you think “man, I GOT THIS!”, but then in less than 24 hours something else appears and you’re to deal with another thing that popped up. 

It’s a constant learning battle, but also the most rewarding battle.  I can’t tell you enough, that being a mother has turned me into someone I didn’t even know I could be. 

There are days I really don’t know how I’ll make it through, but then there are days that I tear up and wish I could relive.  For example, today I was playing on the stairs with Oaks for the 50th time in a row this morning.  He loves this game where he throws the ball down the stairs, I then catch it and throw it to him.  He LOVES this game.  He even does a little excitement twitch/dance move after he throws it.  you know what I’m talking about if you watch my stories and snapchat!

I was thinking how simple it was to me, but yet AMAZING to him.  Then I thought– when he grows older and doesn’t like this game anymore, and how much I would actually miss it. Even though, I get bugged with it sometimes, I have to put myself in check and remember that these little simple things ARE the BIG THINGS.  Those moments can’t be replaced.  They’re cherished forever.   

Also, just like these photos, another simple moment I will cherish forever are going to lakes and pool, watching him throw rocks or whatever he can find into the water.

That will truly help you enjoy simple (aka big) moments with your little ones.  Because times are tough with them, but my hell— don’t we just love them so much it hurts?!  And did you guys notice how much he doesn’t want hugs or kisses from me in these photos?! haha dying laughing.  

Hope you guys have a good day!


Sara Lynn