Just at the stage of looking a little chub while sitting down, but I’m not ashamed to share these!  I wouldn’t have shared these if I was pregnant with Oaks.  I feel much more comfortable in my skin then I did back then, but you learn as you grow and you learn with each pregnancy.

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind.  It was the beginning of my pregnancy that I didn’t experience with Oaks.  I’ve loved this pregnancy more, not because of the circumstances, but because I’m more comfortable and loving to my body, all while embracing everything that happens.  

It was about 6-8:9 weeks that I started feeling this way and that is whats called the pregnancy blues, I hadn’t even heard of this before and it was so foreign to me what I was feeling because I didn’t feel that way with Oaks.  I get the baby blues, after the baby is born which I talked about in that post.   I wanted to share this because I wanted to bring awareness to it and remind those who are feeling this way knowing that it ends and completely normal.

So about 2-3 weeks I felt very depressed.  I was so excited I was pregnant, but for some reason I was just down all the time.  I wanted to cry for no reason.  I couldn’t pin point why, or how I was feeling this way when it’s such a happy time in your life.  I would have moments of feeling so physically exhausted that I would need to go lay down for a while, to the point where even talking was exhausting to me, or even thinking about anything overwhelmed me to the core.   

I was getting so frustrated that I was feeling this way. I thought that maybe it’d last the whole first trimester, and what was even worse, not a lot of people knew I was pregnant, so I just kinda felt alone.  I had to have TJ take over the moment he got home, and would go lock myself in my bedroom.  You never saw this on my Instagram, and I’m sure you thought everything was just fine, because I was only showing my good moments, but I had a lot of bad moments.  I didn’t want to go anywhere, or talk to anyone.  I’m not the type of person to complain, or want to talk about how I’m feeling.  I just think to myself, you will get over it, it’ll pass, so just tough it out.  But don’t do that… talk to your mom, your close friend, your sister about how you’re feeling, or even reach out to me!  I’m always here to chat.   I finally did after a week of feeling like that, and my close friend Megan told me there was someone she followed that was feeling this way too.  She showed me her post and I felt so much better.  So thats another huge reason why I’m sharing how I was feeling because it really does help when you know you aren’t alone.

We’re never alone.  We all go through hard patches and rough moments. Life isn’t picture perfect even though instagram will show you that it is.   So just know you aren’t ever alone and no one has a perfect life.   So when you’re ready, talk to someone who you trust and let it out.  It truly does take a burden off and makes you feel better.

 But I woke up one day and just didn’t feel that anymore.  It never came back and still hasn’t so it went away!  Now I’m here at 20 weeks, no more morning sickness, got my energy back and just feel so much better.  I’m working out again everyday and physically feel good.  I love this pregnancy and am embracing it all because who knows, this could be my last.  My husband has 2 kids and then we have 1 together, so he’s kinda done ha.   

So with all that said, love yourself, give yourself self love, make your self care a first priority!  Rest when you need, pamper yourself when you need.  Don’t feel bad about taking a time out, or being a little selfish from time to time, because listen, putting yourself, well being and health at the top of your list, will make you a better person, therefore you’re a more patient mom, wife, friend sister etc… LOVE YOURSELF.




Have a great day!





This gender reveal was so unbelievably shocking!  I mean, you can see it all over our faces.  This whole time I felt like it was a boy, I don’t know why I just felt like I was having two boys.  Of course we wanted a girl because we may be done after this one, and having one of each was ideal, although having another boy would’ve been so great too!   I love boys.  

Another reason why this reveal was SUCH A SHOCK, is this story right here.   

So rewind a week.  I went to my ultrasound tech who just so happens to be my neighbor.  He’s been doing it 8+ years.   He told me he can see the gender at 13 weeks and he’s only ever been wrong 1 time out of those 8 years, so I figured… why not!  Lets do it.  So I went in and the baby was measuring at 12.2 weeks, so he wanted to wait another week because he told me he was only 75% sure what it was.   He said you’d be amazed at what a week can do.   

So a week later I went to my appointment that morning to get the gender.  Every time I looked at the screen, I swear I saw the little wiener, but it’s so hard to tell obviously that early and I’m no a professional.  Every time he told me to look away, I’d look away to not see the gender, but I could’ve sworn thats what I saw.  Right when he saw the baby he’s like “yep still the same as last week”  I know the gender.  So he printed the ultrasound and I put it in a envelope.  SO ANXIOUS and wanted to just look but I never did.  I left it in my car in the glove box all day, until about 4pm.  Oaks and I went to partyland and got their black gender reveal balloons that have questions marks on them.  They are specifically for reveals and even say “gender reveal” on the box as you pick them out.   So Oaks and I shopped around while she put the color inside the balloons.  

I grabbed pink balloons and blue balloons to have her blow up.  To hold down the balloons like you see in the photo, I got a pink holder and blue holder for each set.  So we got the balloons and left.  I was SOOOO careful putting them in the car and taking them out.  I was so nervous one of them would pop and it’d be ruined haha.  So obviously that never happened.   Party was at 6:30. I had a few family over to watch and Paige took the photos, while I set up my phone on a tripod to video the whole thing. 

I waited about one hour for everyones arrival, just the most anxious.  During that time, I found two long pieces of blue on my floor….. what looked like confetti, what looked EXACTLY like what could be in the balloons.  I thought to myself “welp, its a boy! I knew it… and I found out that way?!”  bummer.  I also thought why the hell didn’t that girl make sure there wasn’t any confetti sticking to the bouquet of balloons before handing them to me!?  I never told TJ because I wanted for him to at least have the moment of feeling surprised, even though we just kinda already felt it was a boy!

So, everyone shows up and we’re all set up to pop them!   AND BAM… its a GIRL!? WHAAAAATTTT!!  You guys have seen the video on my feed, but click this HERE to watch it if you haven’t.   We’re CLEARLY IN SHOCK.   So thrilled and so happy that we got our girl!!  We both got so teary eyed as you can see in the photo.   Tj has both a boy and girl from his previous marriage, and he so badly wanted another girl too like I did.   If Oaks was a girl, I would want a boy!  We just wanted both is all, not that we have anything against having another boy!  I think it’s pretty normal to want both for yourself.  

You guys have been so sweet, from your messages on Instagram! I appreciate all of you! 














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Have a great day!