I think that journaling Oaks life is something I really try to do and make time for.  I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been doing and using to journal.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds, unless you make it that way and don’t keep up with it… like me right now ha.  But I really try to do these things so that I can remember the sweet things he does.  I don’t want to forget them!

  1. MOMS ONE LINE A DAY.  This is a journal of 5 1 lines you write down everyday that were heart felt, funny, or milestones that happened that day.  It’s super short and simple.  You have about 1 sentence on each line everyday.  I write THE MOST simple things down.  For example “we woke up and made waffles, and then played blocks and he kept laughing as they fell down”.  Just little things like that.  Or “oaks gave me the first kiss today!”  All those little daily things they say that we can easily forget.  I’m not perfect, so I don’t write it down everyday, but I really try to at least 3-4 days a week.   Do it when you know you will.  I do after I put Oaks to bed every night.  It also makes me feel so grateful for all the things that happened that day.  It makes you realize that these little moments are so sweet and special and to not take them for granted.
  2. CHATBOOKS.  SO when Oaks was born, I made a separate private instagram account that I could upload all his photos too.  Then I signed up for Chatbooks through that.  If you aren’t familiar with chatbooks, they send you a little book with the caption every 60 photos, so it’s like a cute little scrapbook made SO easy for you.   So I’m currently about 4 months behind on his which is SO stressful, so with this one I recommend uploading at least 5 photos every week and keep up with it, so you don’t get behind.  But I LOVE getting these in the mail.  Sometimes I write novels on each one, but sometimes I’ll just write a memory about that certain photo.  You can also have them send you as many as you want. I’m going to order them for Oaks to keep when he gets older.  If he cares haha.  

But these are the two things I really try to keep up with!  It doesn’t get to be a huge task unless you make it that way, like myself right now haha. But just make it a goal to do it every day.  Set aside 10 minutes.  We all have 10 minutes.  Thats easy!  It shouldn’t take you to long.

What are some ways you journal and keep memories of your kids? Share them below!






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