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Okay, so heres the thing.  Ever since 2013-2014 I really can’t remember which year it was (its been that long), but anyways.  Ever since I can remember I’ve been plugging away and putting my daily macros and food into FitnessPal.  It was second nature to me and I got so used to it, that I felt wrong when I didn’t add them in that day.  I got so good at the macro thing that I’d wait until the end of the day to plug it all in instead of planning it all out, like i did at the beginning.   I would totally just be spot on with it all at the end of the day and didn’t have to plan it out.  So that led me to think, ya know, why don’t I just take this time to have a little break, listen to my body and feed it what It needs, when It needs it.  So I did!

The past 2 months I’ve just been intuitively eating, not getting on the scale ever, listening to my body and feeling really balanced.  I’ve counted my macros for 4 years straight.  I know how to eat by now, I know whats in what, when I’m overdoing it and how much my body needs of something.  I eye ball measure and have gotten so good at it that I just don’t really need to pull out measuring cups etc…  Now heres the thing, I’m 100% a HUGE believer in counting macros.  I think it teaches you so many things.  How to eat in moderation, how to eat clean, how to get creative with food, how to have a balanced healthy life, all while trying to get fit and stay that way longterm.  It’s a longterm thing to me, not a fad diet at all, which is why I did it for so long.  I’d take breaks for vacations obviously, but you get what I mean.  It was very consistent.  

Anyways, I’m going off track, sorry.  So for someone just starting out, I would say definitely go with it.  Teach yourself how to learn about food, and about balance.  For someone wanting to lose weight, I wouldn’t recommend what I’m doing at this very moment.  Counting macros teaches you discipline, and balance and really just teaches you all about the protein, fat and carbs your body needs.  I’ve done several articles on it, if you want to learn about it, and are curious in starting to count yours, read this article I did on “SIMPLIFY KEEPING TRACK OF YOUR MACROS

Now, this isn’t to say I won’t ever go back to counting them!  It’s honestly fun to me!  But for now, I’m loving this whole intuitive thing.  I know my limits, and I don’t really do a “cheat meal” anymore.  I just try and eat as healthy as I can while splurging here and there, when I feel like my body needs it.  I don’t plan out my saturday night cheat meal anymore, I don’t feel like I want to binge out anymore.  I think what it is, is I mentally flipped the switch in my head because I didn’t want to binge out on 10 slices of pizza, 10 oreos, 10 cupcakes etc.. haha I feel that all girls are familiar with a good ol binge sesh haha aka hormones.  But it just made me feel like shit, and made me feel like shit the next day.  

Now, whenever I feel that urge, I’ll take a step back and say “why?” and “why is this going to help you, how is this going to help you?”  I’ll literally ask this to myself and tell myself to stop, keep it under control, YOU are in control of this, YOU don’t need that extra cookie, because you know what they say “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!” haha.   And by ALL MEANS.  If you happen to break the cycle, DON’T give up, DON’T think “okay, well I already had a cookie for lunch, I might as well go balls to the wall today!”  Instead, say … okay thats going to be it for the day, I’m starting NOW.  Where would you be now if you could take back all the times you said “I’m going to start monday, OR I’ll start tomorrow after I binge all day.”

I feel like I’m totally ranting, right?! haha this is who I am, I kinda go off on rants, but hey whatever.

OKAY back on track with the whole MIND VS YOU.  Guys, your mind is SO powerful.  It’s unreal.  What you tell yourself in your head, is what you will be and become.  Tell yourself you’re in control, tell yourself you’re beautiful, tell yourself that YOU can do it!  Feed your mind with positive thoughts, it will change your life!









Onto this outfit… kinda of obsessed with this brand.  They’re called Public Myth.  I feel like from 2017 to now, that activewear has become SO on point and cute…. am I right??  Check them out!

Have a great week!



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