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I legit found my favorite work out pants ever.  And when your husband tells you your ass looks hot in them, you get a second pair haha.  And trust me I have no ass…. so for my ass to look hot is hard to do haha.  I wore the black ones in this post I did on FOODS I TRY TO AVOID.

SO, I cannot live without these treats in my life.  I call them treats because they get me through my day without having RAGING cravings.  And hello, of course I still get cravings still eating them because… hormones ha.

For the most part, these help me kick those cravings out of the way!

NUMBER 1- HALO TOP. I don’t love dairy and what it does to me, but having low doses of dairy works fine for me.  I just have to watch it.  (a lot of dairy makes me break out, and icky stomach.) Anyways, halo top is my ALL TIME FAVORITE go to.  It is the mother of all mothers.  Whatever that means? haha.

I eat this right before my NIGHT TEA every night. And it saves me from binging.  It really does!  I have to have something chocolately, so I get the chocolate halo top, or cookies n creme, smores, cookie dough and strawberry are my favorites.  

NUMBER 2-  My NIGHT TEA!  Read more on that post!  

NUMBER 3-  Starbucks Iced Soy Latte.  I get this after my work out around 11am everyday, and sip on it for a good 3 hours haha.  I have to have something to sip on.  I am the weirdest.  Plus gotta get that caffiene in.  Oaks is such a busy body!  I need it.

Number 4- Protein Bars- RXBARS or ONE BARS.  Favorites from the Rxbars are COCONUT CHOCOLATE & PEANUT BUTTER. From the oh yeah bars, is MAPLE DOUGHNUT & ALMOND BLISS.  

The ONE BARS have added sugars which I try to stay away from for the most part, but sometimes you just gotta live a little ha.  I have this as my second snack of the day, which is usually around 3pm.. and I always get cravings around that time.

The timing of all of these is everything!  I am telling you.  

Starbucks coffee- 11am-12pm and make sure you enjoy and sip on it slowly, so you can have it for the next couple hours.

Protein bar- 3-4pm. 

Halo Top- 8-9pm.

Tea- 9pm.  

These treats save my life!  They help get me through the day and make me feel like I get to have a treat morning, afternoon and night.  It gives you something to look forward to too!

Let me know if you try any of these!  And I would love to hear some of the healthy little treats that help you get through your day?

Thanks for reading!


Sara Lynn








Windsor Sweater / Windsor Jeans

BINGING.  Why the hell do I do this to myself??  Is what goes through my head, after a binge sesh.  Oh, and yes I have binged many many times.  Countless. 

It honestly is a skill to keep yourself from binging out.  A skill that you have to learn overtime on your own, after much practice and mindfulness, and OF COURSE being very self aware of whats in what.

The constant temptation will always be there.  It always is there! food is life and some people live to eat and some eat to live.  I wish I would just eat to live sometimes haha.  But I love food.  That is why I LOVE macros so much because you can really eat what you want as long as it fits in your macros.

I talk about it on my post “IT”S ALL ABOUT MACROS” & also more on “IT”S A LIFESTYLE”

So how do I avoid to keep myself from binging out?  Trial and error… trial and error haha lots of errors in there.   

First, I hate the way it makes me feel afterwards so I really try and focus on that.   

Second, I ALWAYS snack every 2 hours.  This is SO good for your metabolism and helps speed it up.  It will help you feel fuller and you wont feel as starved.  You don’t want to EVER get in a state of complete starvation mode.  You know what happens when that strikes?  You literally will eat whatever you see first and 20 of them because you feel so hungry.

I know this from experience and listening to my body.  Watch your body and you will notice that as well.   

Third, I make sure to fit a treat in my macros EVERY DAY.  Yes everyday.  I do mine every night.  I call it my late night craving snack.  I will go buy 2 flavors of halo top every week, and have a 1/2 cup every night and switch off the flavors throughout the week to keep it interesting.  

I made my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN to help give you an idea, of how much to eat and how often.  Also, the recipes are so delicious, like Protein Pancakes, Chicken Kale Salad, etc… SO yummy.  I also put a treat in there everyday.  

The trick to not going into starvation mode is to eat every 2 hours.  Pack your stuff with you if you have to!  Make sure you have on the go snacks in your bag.

The last thing you want to do is starve and then binge.  It is SO bad for you, because your body will hold onto anything you eat and store it as fat.  Plus it makes you feel icky.

Portion control your foods, measure and weigh things.  I did a post about that on “FOODS I TRY TO AVOID”

Have a great day!


Sara Lynn