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This Mother’s Day I am extra extra grateful for all my mom has done for me throughout my life.  I now know how much she truly loves me.  You never can really understand how much your mom loves you until you have your own child.  It is hard to explain, but I am sure if you’re a mom you understand what I am saying.  The love you have is overwhelming and the love you have almost hurts!  Perfect way to describe it.

She has taught me how to be the mom I am today!  I will forever be grateful for her.  She taught me how to love, and care, and has shown me what truly matters in life.  

One thing that has stuck with me in my family, is the love we show for each other.  We never greet and leave each other without saying “I love you” and giving each other a hug.  The unconditional love will stick with me forever.  Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you, and always always say I love you.  

Becoming a mom comes a lot of sacrifice and selflessness.  It truly is the best gift ever given and so rewarding.

All you moms out there, you are all doing an amazing job.  YOU are all rockstars.  Don’t ever forget that!  

With that I want to say Happy Mothers day to each of you!  I truly hope you all have the best day!  You deserve it!




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