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Just got back from a much needed weekend away to Saint George Utah!  It was so needed.  We were went and relaxed and swam, and ate way more then we should have ha.

It is so nice to just get away for a second to relax and revamp.  It definitely helps clear my mind and gets me to where I need to be… and that is SANE ha.   Breaking away from the daily routine is always a good idea.  

You can always count on someone getting sick though, which I am super glad it wasn’t Oaks this time around!  Just his good ol’ mom haha.  A bad case of a Sore throat, and completely lost my voice.  No fun, but the crazy thing is, Apple Cider Vinegar is helping it a lot!

So yeah, TJ and I have just been focusing on our careers and family the past little while, so we haven’t left town since last October.  We both just kinda put our blinders on and kept our head down and worked and spent a lot of time with family at home.  Just the simple things, which is the best.

But now, we have so many Summer Vacations planned which I am super excited to share with you!  Heading to Cabo in a month.  I have never been there.  Anyone recommend anything?  Food, places to go? Anything?  

Switching lanes here, I found these sneakers on Khols and they were only $50!  I haven’t been able to find a cute pair with the star print on them, that don’t cost a ton.  Here they are! Super comfortable and cute.  Goes well with anything really.  Especially a simple mom look!

Going to relax more today, and sit back and drink Apple Cider Vinegar + My Night Tea and hope to get my voice back soon!  

Have a great Monday! 


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Whose ready for some pie eating though?  I know I am!

I wanted to talk with you about “Holiday Eating” and how to “stay on track”.

I put that in quotations… because, well, it’s just really hard to stay on track during the Holidays.

BUT  I will tell you this.  You can still enjoy it while staying on track.  You might gain a couple pounds… or three, BUT don’t let it get crazy out of control.

When I say this, I mean.. don’t go on a binge fest for a whole week, eating leftovers and what not.  

My week this week, is to eat my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN, and by Thursday, I am going to enjoy the day to the fullest and not worry about, but I also don’t like to stuff my face to where I feel sick. 

For December, and the whole month, I will eat my meal plan, and save my cheat meal for whatever Holiday foods I want by the weekend.  Sometimes I will cheat twice on Holiday weekends, but I will try not to over eat or binge out.

That’s what I mean by keeping it under control.  Eat slow, listen to your body, and enjoy, and STOP when you’re feeling full.  Or don’t, it’s all up to you!  These are just tips and suggestions. 

Also, I am upping my cardio this week to help me stay on track.  I feel that has helped a lot in the past!   

Most importantly, just enjoy and don’t be to worried about it.   Hit the gym in the morning, and the next day, and work a little harder!

This post plays a lot into my post about Vacations “STAYING ON TRACK, WHILE STILL ENJOYING”

 Have a great day!