5-3So here’s the thing, we all have a hard time getting ourselves to the gym everyday.  We all make excuses of why we can’t.  I know I do sometimes.  “I have no time”, “I am to tired”, “I can’t afford it”.  Blah, blah, blah.

I find myself making those excuses too.  Also you don’t need a gym to get a work out in.  

So here is some things I do that help keep me motivated to get going and work out!

1. Plan your day out with the Self Journal I did a post about, and MAKE SURE you schedule your work out in anytime within that day and Time block an hour of it into your day.

2. Set goals. Where would you like to be in a 1 month to a years time?  When I set goals and give myself a timeline it’s a lot easier to keep motivated and excited about whats to come.

3. Stay consistent.  If you stay consistent in working out, it will then become a habit.  The best habit you can have!

4. Take progress photos.  We are our biggest critics, so sometimes its hard to see the results.  If you take weekly, to monthly photos whatever you want.  You will be able to tell how much you have tightened up, and its SO incredibly motivating.  It just pushes you even harder.   You will be so shocked at how much you have changed.

5. Don’t get on the scale obsessively.  Guys.. this one is completely changed my whole mindset.  I used to get on the scale every. single. morning. NOT kidding.  What a joke?  YES. 

I had body image issues just like everyone else.  BUT now that I don’t do that AT ALL I am SO much happier.  

Also, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.  So when you are toning up and losing weight you will actually look thinner, and might weigh a little more than you thought. So that goes back to taking progress photos!  That will help you be able to see the difference.

Honestly, working out isn’t just about my body, and what I look like.  Working out to me is therapeutic.  It makes me a happier person.  It helps my relationships and overall self esteem.  It helps me be more mindful, and helps me be the BEST mom I can be.  And that is the most important thing in the entire world to me.

What do you guys do to keep motivated?! I would love to hear what you all do!


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Have a great weekend!







One of the things I have gained since having Oaks is anxiety.. I really have never been THAT anxious in my life, but now I am CONSTANTLY anxious.  It’s constant.

My husband TJ who has the same issue, has had it his whole life.  He got me this SELF JOURNAL, and told me to start organizing better, planning the day, writing down goals, and most importantly writing down the things I am grateful for.

TJ is all about the bigger picture, where as I am about all the details.  So we go good together I must say.

In this book it takes you through how you need to use it in the intro.  It is a powerful yet simple way to optimize your day, tackle your goals and be happier.  That is what the front page says, and I find that very intriguing.  

I need simple yet VERY effective for my daily planners.  But this planner is not just any old boring planner.

On each page it has a section for “this morning I am grateful for…” you write down three things you are grateful for.  

THIS truly helps you really think about whats important and makes you appreciate everything you have.  I can tell you that it seriously has made me a happier person.

Getting off track for a second on this subject—social media plays a BIG role in how we feel about ourselves.  Specifically instagram.  Everyones lives look perfect, and its hard not to think that.

You get the “oh, I want that house, I want that body, I want her hair, I want to travel more, why can’t I?”  These Things get stuck in your mind, which can weigh you down SO much, and make you feel like less of a person.

Firstly, I can tell you this.  Everyone leaves out the imperfectness.  NO one is perfect.  NO one.  Instagram isn’t real life. Its simply just pretty photos.

Getting back on track.  Writing down 3 things I am grateful for has made me so much happier and made me look at social media in a different light.  

I feel more at peace and more appreciative for every single thing I have. 

One thing I wrote down this morning was “I am grateful for my comfortable bed”  THAT simple, and really though it makes you just appreciate being alive and having all the simple things in life.

It has an inspirational quote, which I have been posting them daily on my Snapchat: Lovebylynn.

section for “Todays Targets” tasks to complete to move closer to your goals.  This truly helps you get big or small projects done that you keep procrastinating, and helps you reach the goals you’ve been dreaming of!

Then it has a section for “WINS” basically a section to brag about yourself and write down things you are proud of that you did.

Next spot is a section for “Lessons Learned”  this is a space where you can look back at the day and basically learn from mistakes you don’t want to make again.  Live and learn type thing.

Lastly it has a space for “Tonight I am grateful for” .  This has got to be my all time favorite part of the book.  Your “To Do” list is boring without writing down what you are grateful for.  

This book has really helped my anxiety!  Its helped me feel organized, and prioritize better.  

By practicing a daily habit of gratitude, you will begin to see and think differently!  Especially those moments where you feel stuck, and depressed.  It will make you always look at the positive side to help you get out of it.

Morning routine is super important too, it sets the mood for the whole day!  One thing I have been trying to do is to not look at my 

phone, social media, email, texting etc.. for at least an hour and just sit in silence and watch Oaks play, sip on a coffee, make my bed and get a positive mindset for the day.

So overall this book is 10 thumbs up in my book!  It has lessened my anxiety, made me appreciate the simple things, more positive outlook on life, more mindful, prioritize, and live in the moment.  

AND I have only been using it a week, and already notice a huge difference.  

Something I LIVE by now that has stuck with me in this book is a quote by Mark Twain, “If its your job to eat a frog, its to do it first thing in the morning.  And if its your job to eat two frogs, its best to eat the biggest one first.”

So EAT THAT FROG people.  Its basically the things you really don’t want to do.. THOSE will make you your best self and make you the most successful.


Chat with you later,