OK-this post is for those trying to find answers on why they can’t tone up, or they want to tone up but they’re to afraid of “BULKING UP”… I wanted to do a blog post to help those understand the whole process..

So heres the thing,  many women want to tone up when they start a regimen of wanting to transform their bodies, and really wanting to tone up.   They head straight for the cardio, got their playlist ready to smash a whole hour of cardio and head home after.  They assume that heavy weightlifting will turn them into huge man-ladies. If you’re a woman, answer this- what is your typical work out everyday?

Do you start on the cardio machines, then head to ab section, grab a mat and try and get the flattest tummy?  OR do you just run to the cardio and kill it with 40 mins of cardio or even an hour?  Then you’re to tired to lift after that so just call it a day.     If you’re wanting to serious change and some lean ass muscle, and want to transform your bodies, you need to LIFT THE LB’s LADIES.   I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing for the longest time… “I don’t want to get big and “bulky,”  But then they gravitate toward exercises they think burn the most calories and “tone” their muscles. “No bulk needed. Thank you very much.”  

I can say this because I’ve been there!  It took me a very long time to get over the cardio.  I thought that if I did so much cardio, I would just look amazing with ripped abs and legs.  No- that wasn’t the case at all.  Actually far from it.  I wasn’t lean at all…

When I started seeing a huge transformation is when I focused on 2 muscles every day. Lifted as heavy as I could focusing on those two and would end with a 15 min stair interval.   I do cardio still, and I’m not saying it’s bad to do cardio  But if you’re looking to tone up you have to lift the weights more than you do cardio!  If your only goal is to lean out you must LIFT.  If you’ve got weight to lose do both!   This is why I created LOVE HIIT BODY GUIDE.  The program focuses on 2 muscles each work out with HIIT intervals in between, so you’re burning and toning all in one.  Its designed for every fitness level.  You can start lifting at YOUR OWN PACE.    I lift HEAVY. That is the number 1 key to forming your body into it’s nice shape, to lift as heavy as you can at your own pace, and then gradually lifting more and more over time.  


If you want that complete body transformation, to the point where your family hardly recognizes you, then you have to change the whole game and LIFT.  Take action and start lifting heavy weights.

Here is WHY you should and the science behind it all..

“The first reason lifting heavy weights  wont make you become the next Incredible Hulk is that you don’t have the testosterone levels to pack on tons of mass.

Men have higher testosterone levels than women; women have higher estrogen levels than men. Compare testosterone levels in a man to the amount in a woman and you find a large gap. Why? Simply put, women don’t have testicles. The lion’s share of male testosterone comes from the testes.

Women do produce the hormone, but it comes from your ovaries and adrenal glands in smaller doses. Talk to your doctor and have your testosterone levels tested, especially if you’ve had your ovaries removed, as you will produce even lower levels of the important hormone.

Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone in the body. Since women have significantly less of this “Heracles Hormone,” they cannot put on muscle mass as easily as men.

Even women who want to build bigger muscles and work extremely hard to bulk still build muscle mass at a fraction of the rate that men do. Stop worrying and start lifting – you won’t turn into the Hulk overnight … unless you get blasted with weaponized Gamma radiation.”

Heavier weight offers women a higher metabolic rate. Since you work against a high degree of resistance with heavy weights, you create tiny muscular tears throughout the body. The next benefit to lifting heavier weights is that you’ll see greater overall muscle definition. When you lift such a light weight as most women do,  (I know I did) the muscles are barely challenged. 

Push yourself harder and take the weight up to the next level – that’s when you see muscle definition and form improve. Provided you also follow a proper diet for fat loss, heavy weights will create the greatest change to how your body looks.

So you won’t gain 10,000 lbs if you lift heavy ladies!  Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me 🙂 

Have a great day!





5-3So here’s the thing, we all have a hard time getting ourselves to the gym everyday.  We all make excuses of why we can’t.  I know I do sometimes.  “I have no time”, “I am to tired”, “I can’t afford it”.  Blah, blah, blah.

I find myself making those excuses too.  Also you don’t need a gym to get a work out in.  

So here is some things I do that help keep me motivated to get going and work out!

1. Plan your day out with the Self Journal I did a post about, and MAKE SURE you schedule your work out in anytime within that day and Time block an hour of it into your day.

2. Set goals. Where would you like to be in a 1 month to a years time?  When I set goals and give myself a timeline it’s a lot easier to keep motivated and excited about whats to come.

3. Stay consistent.  If you stay consistent in working out, it will then become a habit.  The best habit you can have!

4. Take progress photos.  We are our biggest critics, so sometimes its hard to see the results.  If you take weekly, to monthly photos whatever you want.  You will be able to tell how much you have tightened up, and its SO incredibly motivating.  It just pushes you even harder.   You will be so shocked at how much you have changed.

5. Don’t get on the scale obsessively.  Guys.. this one is completely changed my whole mindset.  I used to get on the scale every. single. morning. NOT kidding.  What a joke?  YES. 

I had body image issues just like everyone else.  BUT now that I don’t do that AT ALL I am SO much happier.  

Also, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.  So when you are toning up and losing weight you will actually look thinner, and might weigh a little more than you thought. So that goes back to taking progress photos!  That will help you be able to see the difference.

Honestly, working out isn’t just about my body, and what I look like.  Working out to me is therapeutic.  It makes me a happier person.  It helps my relationships and overall self esteem.  It helps me be more mindful, and helps me be the BEST mom I can be.  And that is the most important thing in the entire world to me.

What do you guys do to keep motivated?! I would love to hear what you all do!


Credits: Paige Nicolle Photography


Have a great weekend!