Counting macros doesn’t need to be hard or another annoying task you have to complete.  It’S honestly really quite simple.  Let me simply break it down for you, show you a run down of my day and how you can enter it in yourself very easily.  This app helped me get familiar with counting them and helped me learn how to do so.  I am literally showing you exactly what it looks like from my phone on the app.  I took screenshots so I can help you get a better understanding of it.

Step 1: Download the “My FitnessPal” app.

Step 2: You’re going to open the app and hit “more” at the bottom right screen.


Step 3: Hit Goals, and click “Calorie & Macronutrient Goals”



Step 4: You can enter in how many calories you need to eat everyday.  This percentage and calorie intake is my own.  Each individual is different, depending on their BMI & what their overall goal is.  I broke it down to help you determine what you will need in this article I wrote on ITS ALL ABOUT MACROS.  This percentage is what I’ve read a lot about.   I’m doing this to maintain my weight and build more muscle (in the booty area haha)  In fact, I just upped my carbs to 200 yesterday. 

I’ve always followed the 40% carbs, 30% protein & fat, no matter what my calories are.  Read that recent post and I explain it a lot better.  Now, it isn’t going to get down to the EXACT number on here.  I just make sure I hit around the number.  Sometimes I’m crazy obsessed with it, sometimes I don’t care if I’m over 10-15 or under.  We can’t all be perfect 24/7.


You can click on the macros & adjust the percentage below.  It has to even out to 100%.  So for example, you can’t have 50% everything, or 40% everything.  


Step 5: Once that’s set, clicking the arrow at the top right, then “Diary” & this screen will pop up.  Make sure you’re on the right day.  You can check that by looking at the very top of the screen. Next,  you can add in your foods by clicking “Add Food” under “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, “Dinner” & “Snacks”.


Step 6:  When you click add food, this screen will pop up.  You can see my most recent foods I have added in.  There is a barcode on the right you can literally scan EVERYTHING in.  OR you can search it.  They’ve made it really really simple.  Most everything is in there.  If it isn’t, what I do is add it in myself.  How do you do that?   


 Type in “Protein”  click on protein, and this will pop up.  Then you’re going to click grams to adjust how many grams you’re entering in.  Then hit the check mark at the top right corner & done!  Same goes for your fats & carbs. You can manually add them in if you can’t find the item or it doesn’t have a barcode to scan.  I do this when I go out for a meal.  It’s basically a guesstimate though, since restaurants don’t have the macronutrients on their meals.  Which they should!  Hopefully someday they will start catching the drift.


Step 7:  To look at what your numbers are for the day to help keep you on track, click on “Nutrition” at the very bottom left.  


Once you click on that, this page will open up. The first shot is an example of what it looks like when nothing is entered.  The second shot is an example of what it looks like when things are entered.  The line will be blue and you’ll see “Total”, “Goal”, & “Left”.   Just know in your mind what number it is you need to hit.  At first I would enter in every single thing I ate RIGHT when I was eating it.  Now, I’ve gotten so used to it and know what I should & shouldn’t be eating.  

When I was brand new, just getting the hang of things–I would enter in things the night before, or as I was eating them.  Once you get the hang of it, it is SO easy to do.  Look at all labels!  Super important.  you can eat WHATEVER you want.  As long as it fits!  I like to eat very clean & healthy.  You won’t really find me fitting in a cookie at lunch.  I just mean, if you want to save some of your macros for a little more carbs at night, or for an extra serving of halo top , then DO IT.  I do that all the time.

IMG_8560 IMG_8561

After doing this for so many years, I just enter things in at night, and I am usually spot on, or I have macros leftover I need to eat.   Like I said previously, no one is perfect.  I don’t hit my macros spot on everyday.   What I try and go for is Mon-Fri. hitting them spot on.  Then the weekend I become slightly more lenient with them.  I just try not to go crazy and eat everything.   

When I am on vacation, I don’t count them but I don’t go crazy.  Read this post I wrote on “STAYING ON TRACK WHILE ON VACATION“.  If you find yourself feeling STARVED during the week and feel like you’re on the verge of binging out—then up your macros.  I’ve been there before and would binge out when the weekend comes and completely ruin what I had accomplished the week before.  You have to keep in mind that counting macros is a lifestyle, not a crazy diet.  

When I started counting 3 years ago, I was doing 130 carbs, 125 protein & 35 fat.  Now I am up to 200 carbs, 130 protein & 55 fats.  You get to reward yourself as you make progress, and your body can handle more.  I’m constantly burning through those calories!  I just need a lot more then I used to eat.  That is the beauty about it.  

Sometimes counting macros can be an obsession.  I sometimes find myself not enjoying life in certain situations, and once I see that I will quickly pull myself out of it, and realize I need to eat more than I am.  Anything can be an eating disorder if you become to obsessed with counting ON THE DOT, to the point where it is ruining your social life, family life & work life.   Don’t let it take control over you.

The reason I love doing it is because it’s helped me become more healthy and more aware of what I am putting in my body.  It’s made me not want to go binge out, or eat that fast food.  Once you realize, “wow, eating that will make me feel like shit, & I don’t want to feel that way”  It is a nice feeling.  Not to say that eating that is bad, if you eat it in moderation, but you start to become disinterested in it.  You just don’t crave those things like you used to.

Over the years I’ve noticed, that I’ve become more healthier as time passes.  I’ve evolved from eating wheat thins & cheese for a snack, to a green smoothie with very little fruit for a snack.  My point with that is, you have to start somewhere.  You have to set realistic goals for yourself.   Think about what YOU can do.  Even if its just cutting back on something.  Making those simple steps will lead you to a healthier life.  You will start to get more interested and learn more about health.  At least that is how it went with me.

This is an example of another reason why I love macros.  Write down what you love and can’t give up.  fit it in your macros, but also make sure some vegetables are in there.  Start by doing that & you will continue to get better as long as you’ve made the decision to make a change to your diet.  Health is important.  It should be a priority in your life, for your family & kids. 

If you need help getting on track with your diet, you can download my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN.  I wrote down EXACTLY what I ate for 7 days & put it in a book for you!  It’s a PDF file, compatible with ALL devices.  It’s very simple, easy recipes.  I like easy and simple.  I don’t have time to cook up a storm everyday.

Let me know if you have any questions about this post!  

Have a great day!


Sara Lynn















I wanted to talk more about my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN, and what it is about.

In my late teens, and early twenties, I had definite eating problems.  From binging and purging to not caring anymore and just eating and eating.

I finally found my balance, and let me tell you, it has taken a lot of time to get here.

When I say that one day it clicks, I mean it. 

I just finally was sick of my body, and my health, and made up my mind that I was going to change it.

I knew how to eat somewhat healthy, from reading about celebrity diets and blah blah haha.  I know, weird, but back even 7 years ago, I didn’t know what an influencer was like I do now, and of course they weren’t even that heard of.

Anyways, so I started by simply counting my calories.  I stuck with eating 1200 calories a day, and that is what I did for a year. 

I lost 30 lbs.  It was great.  I enjoyed my weekends still and had a good routine going and felt good about myself.

Then when I got married I got more into health, just reading articles. 

I then started to make green smoothies, started looking at labels more and making sure I wasn’t eating food dyes, artificial flavors, and GMOS.

I went to eating 1200, to eating 1500 a day.

THEN I started macros the next year.  THIS changed the ENTIRE game.

THIS is when I started to gain real muscle and get really toned.

Aside from my appearance.  This changed my overall health. I just felt GOOD.  I didn’t feel starving and I didn’t feel crazy cravings like I did before, because I was eating what my body actually needed.

I talk more about the Macro thing in this post on “ITS ALL ABOUT MACROS“.  It will explain it all.

I did this up until I got pregnant. 

Before I was pregnant I was cheating way to much on the weekends though, I will admit.

I still felt good and looked good, but by Monday every week, I just felt crummy, and it wasn’t until Wednesday of each week, that I finally felt better after following my plan for 2 days.

I also drank to much beer on the weekend haha.

So ever since having Oaks I have cut back a lot on alcohol (not that i was drinking it to much before, but I cut it out almost completely)

And I cut back on cheating so much on the weekends.

Now, I have one cheat meal a week and have a glass of wine here and there, and I feel better than ever.

THIS is how I got my abs back and even better.  I haven’t had tone like this.

So, as much as I hate to admit it, beer sucks the life out of your abs haha. At least for me.  So I keep the drinking to a minimal.

I don’t follow this plan really that much on vacations though.

Okay, so anyways.  This EBOOK was designed to keep you healthy and feeling SO Good.  I love this book, every single day of my life.

I don’t believe in crazy low carb diets.  I don’t think it is healthy to eat under 100 carbs a day.

Not bashing on any diet, this is just my personal opinion.

Also, not saying they don’t work, but I believe in something you will do forever.

This will keep you from binging out, and keep you healthy and feeling great all the time.

I have done crazy diets.  They didn’t work for me. I was at my heaviest when I would cut out carbs.  Because I would end up binging out.

To each their own, but this Meal Plan is to keep you healthy and feeling good, and not starved.

If you’re a busy on the go mom, then this will help!  I don’t have a ton of time to cook, so this plan works.

AND not to mention the energy you need to help you get through the day chasing your babies around.

It is not specifically designed for each individual, but it will definitely give you so many ideas, and you can modify it however you want!

Here is the post I did about my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN

Let me knoif you have any questions at all, or if you have it, let me know how it’s going!